Tenant Rights Law

At BCLS, we are dedicated to robustly representing the rights and interests of tenants. We believe in ensuring that every tenant enjoys the full protection of the law and lives in a safe, fair, and respectful environment.

Eviction Defense - If you are a tenant facing an eviction notice or proceedings, we are equipped with the expertise to defend your rights and help you understand the legal avenues available to you in North Carolina.

Lease Review - Before signing any residential or commercial lease agreement, our team can review and provide insightful feedback, ensuring that your interests are safeguarded.

Rent Overcharge & Deposit Disputes - If you believe you've been overcharged for rent or unfairly denied a security deposit return, we will help you challenge these actions and work towards a favorable resolution.

Maintenance and Repair Advocacy - Tenants have a right to a habitable living environment. If your landlord fails to address essential repairs or maintenance issues, we can help you assert your rights and ensure necessary actions are taken.

Illegal Landlord Practices - Discrimination, harassment, or other unlawful behavior by a landlord is unacceptable. We are committed to holding landlords accountable for their actions and providing tenants with the legal support they need.

Lease Termination - Understanding the correct procedures and rights associated with ending a lease can be challenging. We offer advice and support to ensure that tenants can navigate lease terminations without unnecessary complications or penalties.

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