Employment Law

Wrongful Termination - Have you been let go under questionable circumstances? We evaluate every aspect of your termination to determine if your rights have been violated.

Workplace Discrimination - We're committed to upholding justice for victims of racial, gender, age, religious, or disability-based discrimination.

Wage & Hour Disputes - Ensuring you get paid what you're owed. We handle cases involving unpaid overtime, misclassification, and other wage-related issues.

Retaliation & Whistleblower Claims - Standing up against wrongdoing should be rewarded, not punished. We defend those who are retaliated against for acting ethically and legally.

Contract & Agreement Disputes - Whether it's non-compete clauses, severance agreements, or contractual disputes, our team is well-equipped to handle intricate employment agreements.

Employee Benefits & Rights - From health insurance disputes to vacation pay, we ensure that your rights and benefits as an employee are protected.

Harassment Claims - From bullying to sexual harassment, we take every claim seriously. Every individual deserves a safe and respectful work environment.

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Explore a wide range of legal services provided by Bull City Legal Services. Our dedicated team offers expert assistance in Family Law, Small Business Legal Support, Employment Law, Tenant Rights Law, and Probate & Estate Planning. Find the legal support you need to protect your rights and secure your future.


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