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We believe that access to the Justice System is a fundamental right. At Bull City Legal Services we are committed to removing financial barriers that prevent many in our community from obtaining high-quality legal assistance.

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Explore a wide range of legal services provided by Bull City Legal Services. Our dedicated team offers expert assistance in Family Law, Small Business Legal Support, Employment Law, Tenant Rights Law, and Probate & Estate Planning. Find the legal support you need to protect your rights and secure your future.


Empowering the Triangle: Bull City Legal Services' Innovative

Approach to Justice

Accessible Justice
Bull City Legal Services introduces a groundbreaking approach to legal aid, ensuring justice is within reach for all. Our sliding scale fee system, based on income, guarantees affordability without compromising quality representation.
Expert Attorneys
Our team comprises seasoned attorneys committed to swift and efficient service. With tight budgets in mind, our attorneys prioritize quick turnaround times, ensuring every client receives the attention they deserve.
Flexible Scheduling
At Bull City Legal Services, flexibility is key. Attorneys have the freedom to set their own schedules, ensuring work-life balance without sacrificing client needs. It’s a stress-free environment where both judges and clients are satisfied.
Supportive Environment
Join a team where support is abundant. Whether it's assistance with cases or guidance on legal matters, Bull City Legal Services fosters a supportive atmosphere, allowing attorneys to thrive and deliver exceptional results.
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Frequently asked


    • Why should I hire an attorney?

      At Bull City Legal Services, we understand that hiring an attorney can be costly. That’s why we aim to provide affordable legal services when you need them. By hiring an attorney, you can have peace of mind and be in a better position to reach your goals.

    • How much do you charge?

      Bull City Legal Services is a non-profit law firm that focuses on providing affordable legal services to the the Triangle Community. We base our prices on the income of our clients, offering discounted rates to qualifying individuals and small businesses.

    • How do individuals qualify for discounted legal services?

      Discounts are based on current household income, as verified by a recent pay stub, W-2, 1099, previous year’s tax return, or other valid government documentation.

    • What types of legal issues can you help me with?

      At Bull City Legal Services we have attorneys who cover a variety of practice areas. If you have a civil legal issue, reach out and we will do everything that we can to help you resolve it quickly and affordably.

    • Do you charge a consultation fee?

      We charge a flat rate of $50 for a half-hour consultation. If you decide to hire us to assist you with your case, we will waive the consultation charge or credit it toward your retainer.

    • How often will I be updated on the status of my case?

      We believe that communication is key to maintaining peace of mind during complicated and difficult legal proceedings. Because of this, we will update you every time there is a substantive change in the status of your proceeding. If there have been no changes, we will inform you as to that every two weeks.

    • How do businesses qualify for discounted legal services?

      Bull City Legal Services uses the Small Business Administration’s definition of 'Small Businesses,' which is determined by industry, annual revenue, or number of employees. Non-profit organizations are always offered discounted rates.

    • If I hire an attorney, can I still settle without going to court?

      We often encourage out of court settlement, and will seek to settle if we can achieve a beneficial outcome to you by doing so. It saves time and money, reduces the risk of an unfavorable outcome, and allows parties to tailor the terms of the agreement to meet their specific needs and interests. Settling out of court is often the best option for all parties involved.

    • Im concerned that getting an attorney might make things worse. Is that true?

      Bringing in an attorney often calms things down. Attorneys bring professionalism, expertise, and a neutral perspective to situations. We facilitate effective communication in situations that are emotionally charged, help with negotiations, and guide parties to find common ground. We also make sure you understand your rights and potential choices — our goal is resolution without conflict. Most importantly, we ensure all legal procedures are followed properly, preventing any mistakes or delays in your case and maximizing your chance of success.


Loved by our Community

At Bull City Legal Services we believe that access to the justice system shouldn't be limited by one's income. We offer quality legal services at a price that working families can afford.

    • A former attorney left me in a very difficult position with my custody dispute, and Bull City Legal Services where able to step in, and salvage the situation. Not only did they salvage the situation, but they helped my obtain an outcome that was to my benefit.

      Jonathan Matthews
      Financial Advisor at Merrill Lynch
      Testimonial Img
    • Rich Gittings, the owner of the firm, is a brilliant, creative, and caring lawyer who genuinely cares about providing the best services to his clients. I would highly recommend hiring Bull City for any of your legal needs.

      Morgan Brock-Smith
      JD at United States District Court
      Testimonial Img
    • Rich is not only a knowledgeable and outstanding lawyer, he is genuinely an amazing person. The very structure of his business was born out of the want to help people and he truly succeeds at his mission. As someone who not only uses Bull City Legal’s services but also someone who shares a passion to use their skills to help others and better the community they live in, I can attest not only to his legal acumen, but his character as a person, both of which are top tier.

      Kyle Beausoleil
      Financial Analyst of Duke University
      Testimonial Img
    • My business partner and I used Bull City Legal Services to help stand up our business. We loved using them, they gave excellent referrals, walked us through everything we needed to be protected and followed up with us afterwards! I highly recommend reaching out to them for their services!

      Marcus Morrow
      Co-Owner at Chibangas Neighborhood Market
      Testimonial Img
    • I utilized BCLS for assistance with my employers contractual matters. Mr. Gittings demonstrated profound expertise and was consistently supportive. His communication was punctual and dependable throughout the entire process. I am genuinely grateful for the presence of such a reputable and cost-effective legal service in the Triangle.

      Kristen Rissell
      Clincal Social Worker of Duke University
      Testimonial Img
    • The attorney with whom I spoke demonstrated patience as well as being well-versed in that specialty of the law. I was able to ask and get an answer for each of my questions. . . [W]ow. I did not feel rushed. The attorney provided me with the knowledge and confidence to be successful at court. Words can not adequately express my gratitude. I regret not having previously found Bull City Legal Services.

      Amy Hahn
      Director at Velocity Industries
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